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Screenings: 7:00p.m.
Followed by Q&A; with Filmmakers

110 West 57th St., Nearby Parking $10.00

Mon. through Sun.

Part Sonny & Cher, part Matalin & Carville, Jeffrey and Roberta have each been involved with film since they first saw Hollywood images flicker across the screen.

They have lived movies, made movies, interviewed movie stars and filmmakers through the years and now are happily bringing their cumulative knowledge to Talking Movies. And talk is what we all do. You talk, the stars and filmmakers talk, and the revelations keep coming.

What filmmakers say about Talking Movies?

“I was having such a good time, I hated to leave.” Director Franco Zeffirelli

“Jeffrey’s and Roberta’s questions are probing but fun – terrific way to learn about movies.” Director Peter Bogdanovich

“Jeffrey and Roberta reveal why filmmakers have to make films, actors have to act and movie-goers become movie lovers.” Chazz Palminteri

“Smart and funny!” Academy Award producer Edward Saxon, Philadelphia, The Silence of the Lambs

“Knowledgeable and witty” TimeOut, New York

“Roberta brings a broad range of experience and a unique perspective to her view of the movie business David Newman,” screenwriter Bonnie and Clyde; Superman, The Movie; Superman 11 and 111

“Roberta makes it possible to share your personal feelings as well as acting challenges.” Jon Seda actor, Selena, Homicide, Price of Glory.

Talking Movies is great for movie lovers and great for the filmmaker alike. kudos to Jeffrey Lyons and roberta burrows for hosting an evening that’s entertaining and edifying; everything a top notch movie or movie class should be!” — Writer/ Director Linda Yellen

“I had a great time. Jeffrey and Roberta are smart, intelligent, and funny hosts. And the audience is wonderful.” — Writer/ Producer/ Director/ Actor Ed Burns for film, SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK

What members are saying about Talking Movies?

“After having a fantastic time the week before, myself and two friends immediately purchased the entire fall series for “Talking Movies.” On the 11th of October we saw a fantastic movie called “My First Mister” with Albert Brooks, Lee Lee Sobieski, and Carol Kane. The movie was superb and did very well with the critics in the days following. Our special guest was Carol Kane and she definitely made the evening that much more amazing. She has had such an illustrious career thus far and she shared some of her personal stories with the audience.” — www.imars.com